The Beeby Family

UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE PLEASE COME BACK LATER It does seem a bit ironic, that neither of my parents were/are particularly close to our immediate family, and
for a long the same could be said of me.

This Website is a step towards rectifying that.
The site has contains just a single tree. However there are three sorts of records that have been loaded:

  • Immediate Family
  • Beebys in South Africa
  • A One-Name-Study of the Surname world wide

Immediate Family
This is a list of all those that I can find that are connected in any way to myself. Please start your search from Richard Allan Beeby.
Beebys in S.A.
This is a list of any Beeby with a South African connection that is not in the first list. I suspect that all Beebys in South Africa are descended from the same person, namely, Benjamin Beeby, click on
THE FIRST BEEBY IN SOUTH AFRICA at the top to find out more. Let us see if we can find that link.
Beebys Elsewhere
Any Beeby that is not in the above lists, might be found here. This whole exercise started, because I want to know where Benjamin was before he boarded the boat for Cape Town.

Any individual born after 1900 has been flagged as private and access is restricted to those who have applied for a User ID and Password.
If I have got any details wrong, please contact me with any corrections. If you have any relevant photographs or images of documents please let me have these so that I can add them.

If you look under South African Transcriptions you will find a number of records relating to South Africa. These are records I have found at the Wellcome Library, British Library & The National Archives.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.